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DevOps Platform Developer

Chisinau, Moldova / Hybrid.

In our pursuit of an exceptional candidate, we envision a dynamic technologist poised to explore the realms of DevOps. This individual is akin to an eager explorer, navigating the landscapes of Linux, delving into the essentials of Kubernetes, and embracing the principles of DevOps practices with enthusiasm.

Our DevOps enthusiast isn't just acquainted with programming languages; they are on a path to master the intricacies of Go and NodeJS, leveraging these tools to craft solutions that are not only functional but also reflect a growing proficiency. Despite being in the early stages of their career, they bring a natural understanding of software development methodologies and a friendly familiarity with CNCF software.

Analytical thinking and problem-solving are not just skills; they are exciting challenges waiting to be conquered, with each obstacle seen as an opportunity for growth. Communication is not a mere formality; it's a bridge for connecting ideas with the team, both in written and spoken English.

Our candidate is not just an individual contributor but someone who flourishes in teamwork. Independence is their strength, and collaboration is their ethos, making them a valuable addition to our dynamic ensemble. This is the protagonist of our story, a technologist ready to embark on a journey where their curiosity, skills, and collaborative spirit contribute to the unfolding narrative of innovation and success.

Platform Developer Responsibilities

In the thrilling role of a Platform Developer, you are the architect shaping the foundations of our software development platform. Imagine wielding the tools of Go and NodeJS like a maestro crafting a symphony, developing and maintaining a platform based on the dynamic dance of Kubernetes and CNCF software.

Collaboration becomes your forte as you seamlessly integrate with other teams, ensuring the platform's functionality harmonizes with the user experience, creating a seamless melody that resonates with our customers' needs.

Testing and debugging are not just tasks; they are the exhilarating challenges that keep you on the edge of innovation. In this fast-paced narrative, staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends becomes second nature, ensuring our platform evolves with the ever-changing tech landscape.

The Journey of Our Ideal Candidate

We Imagine a skilled navigator with a profound command of Linux, steering through its intricate terrains like a captain charting a course through uncharted waters. Picture them as an astronaut effortlessly navigating the complexities of Kubernetes, orchestrating the tools and methodologies of DevOps practices to create a symphony of efficiency.

As the story unfolds, our candidate showcases an understanding of the intricate plot twists of software development methodologies and the captivating narrative of CNCF software, actively contributing to the evolution of these plotlines.

Analytical prowess and problem-solving skills take center stage, transforming our candidate into a detective solving a captivating mystery. Communication becomes the bridge connecting our protagonist with the ensemble, using written and verbal English as tools to exchange ideas.

Independence and collaboration become dual themes driving the narrative forward. Our candidate is not just an individual contributor but an integral part of a collaborative team. Independence becomes their strength, and collaboration becomes their ethos.

In the perfect scenario our protagonist than technical prowess—they wield Go and NodeJS as linguistic tools, crafting solutions that transcend functionality and become works of art.But this is a journey, and it still can be achived if not done so yet.

In this story, our ideal candidate is not just a character; they are the hero of a tale where technology meets innovation. Each skill becomes a chapter contributing to the success of our collective narrative—a narrative where challenges are conquered, solutions are crafted, and the hero plays a pivotal role in the ever-evolving world of IT.


Enjoy a flexible schedule with Flexible Time Off, accommodating your personal needs without hindering productivity. Access comprehensive healthcare benefits for your well-being and peace of mind. Stay up-to-date with the latest technology using our Cutting-Edge Software and work comfortably with provided equipment, prioritizing your comfort. As an IT Park resident, unlock exclusive member benefits. Take a break in our Relax Zone, featuring a coffee place, XBOX and PS Gaming, and a cozy sofa chill zone.

Curious About Our Hiring Journey?

First up, we dive into your CV. It's our way of getting to know you a bit better, understanding your journey, and seeing what makes you tick.Then comes the face-to-face chat. Picture it like catching up over coffee. We want to make sure we vibe, you fit right in with our team, and our company culture feels like home to you.And the grand finale? The results announcement! No suspense here – we'll keep you in the loop about how things went. Simple, friendly, and all about finding the perfect fit. Ready to dive in?

What we do at Web Seven?

At Web Seven, our mission transcends the conventional, as we embark on a journey to create groundbreaking solutions that empower our clients to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Our team, a collective of skilled engineers and developers, is driven by a shared dedication to delivering nothing short of exceptional experiences to our valued customers.

Within the vibrant tapestry of our collaborative work environment, every individual is a key player in the symphony of success. Here, talents converge, and unique perspectives harmonize to contribute to our collective triumphs. We foster an atmosphere where innovation is not just encouraged but is the heartbeat of our culture.

Our team, comprised of adept engineers and developers, is committed to curating experiences that transcend the ordinary. We extend an invitation to those who harbor a passion for innovation, drawn to the pulse of cutting-edge projects. If you seek to be part of a team that pioneers excellence and embraces the spirit of innovation, Web Seven is your destination.

In this dynamic environment, where challenges are not obstacles but opportunities, we invite individuals who are ready to contribute their skills and ideas to our collective success. Your aspirations align seamlessly with our mission, as we together shape the future of technology.

And to those who feel the call of the pulse without necessarily spotlighting our specific focus on e-commerce, software development, DevOps, and platform engineering, your place at Web Seven awaits. Join us on this journey, where every day is an opportunity to innovate, and every individual is an integral part of our mission to redefine excellence.

How to apply

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